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Premium billboard locations affordable prices

Extend tv, radio, print, web campaign reach

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Display time-sensitive information

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40+ Billboards

Largest large format billboard network

Reach 400,000+ motorists

~70% coverage in Wichita, Kansas

Part of largest online digital billboard network

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"Nine out of 10 people notice the advertising copy on digital billboards some or most of the time."


Billboard products

Digital Bulletins (14'x48')

Premium locations on busiest thoroughfares, major highways, roads and intersection often on landmark sites

Digital Posters (10'x30')

Cost effective for small businesses great for targeting communities and neighborhoods

Main Street Poster (8'x16')

Located in high traffic commercial and residential areas in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Vinyl Billboards (sizes vary)

Great for promoting brands in premium locations require six-month or annual contracts.

Public Service & Political Campaigns

Atomic is a proud supporter of dozens of local area nonprofit organizations. We are proud members of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and the Out-of-Home (OOH) industry donates more than $400 million in ad placements annually. Atomic and its local partner Fliphound believe that community groups are an important part of our culture and community.

Local issues and politics change as fast as our digital billboards! Utilize Atomic’s network to hit voters in specific districts. Learn how political advertising on digital billboards helps win local and national elections. Atomic is committed to being a neutral platform for people to advertise their political messages.

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