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Content Changes

Intricate campaigns are no problem for Atomic’s programmers and schedulers. Advertisers can build a custom campaign for live data to be fed into their artwork.

Each advertiser is allowed five updates per month at no charge. If an advertiser’s campaign exceeds five updates per month, then custom dynamic rates come into effect. The below pricing is not based on the number of messages but the number of times billboards must be scheduled within a one-month time period.

Rates for daily changes
Send out billboard content DAILY $400.00
Send out billboard content EVERY WEEK $250.00
Send out billboard content EVERY TWO WEEKS $150.00
Send out billboard content EACH MONTH $75.00

WSU displayed tweets by submitting approved messages to the Atomic software team.

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Dynamic Programming

If daily updates won’t suffice, Atomic will build custom software to display live updates and messaging!

Atomic’s software development team offers a wide array of services. Custom programming has been developed for live gold feeds, social media updates, newspaper headlines, baseball scores and more! Dynamic and time-sensitive information grabs the attention of motorists and they start to rely on an advertiser’s message for up-to-date information. The creative possibilities are truly endless with a digital campaign. Contact an Atomic sales representative for a free estimate on custom programming and live feeds!

Pandora advertisements for "Toyotathon" run congruent with the Eddy's Toyota digital billboards.

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