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Kansas and Wichita Billboard and Outdoor Advertising Inventory – Where we are?

Atomic Billboard’s is a full service out-of-home operator offering the best billboard locations and coverage in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding local areas and markets. Our outdoor billboard, digital signs and large network provide advertisers broad market coverage with sign, structures and units located on the best, busiest, and highest traffic thoroughfares, highways, intersections and streets in Wichita and the surrounding communities.

Our local network also features premium billboard structures located in the most travelled, highest traffic volume, and busiest intersections in many smaller communities in Kansas and Oklahoma too - making Atomic Billboard’s the company to call for all of your outdoor advertising, marketing, and graphic design needs. Our core focus is providing outdoor advertising and out-of-home (OOH) media solutions to local, regional, and national brands – in Wichita, across Kansas and Oklahoma. The high traffic count and vehicle count for Atomic Billboard’s billboard locations and inventory can be verified and obtained from Kansas Department of Transportation and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

If you are looking to advertise outside of Atomic’s markets, our affiliate Fliphound offers local, regional and national advertisers and businesses access to the largest online digital billboard network and the ability to plan, calculate and obtain billboard advertising pricing and rates in more than 600 markets and cities.

Atomic and Fliphound make outdoor and billboard advertising easy, painless, and affordable regardless of the size or budget of the advertiser. Whether you are a large Fortune 500 company, a regional business, mom and pop business, or an early-stage startup, we have billboard inventory options to fit your budget and needs. When it comes to affordable advertising and reaching large audiences, out-of-home and billboard advertising are one of your best options. Outdoor advertising costs less than other media too! Click to learn how out-of-home (OOH) and outdoor billboard advertising compares in cost to TV, print, radio and other media or how top industries are using and stretching their advertising spend and dollars with Fliphound, Atomic, and billboards.

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Our Markets:

Digital Billboards in Kansas: Andover, Chanute, Dodge City, Great Bend, Hutchinson, Larnet, Liberal, Maize, Mulvane, Newton, Pittsburg, and Wichita

Digital Billboards in Oklahoma: Alva, Anadarko, Clinton, Cordell, Henryetta, Guymon, Miami, Nowata, Pryor, Tahlequah, Weatherford, and Woodward

Outdoor advertising billboards, signs, and structures:

Kansas Billboards:

913 E. Highway 54 / Kellogg (West face), (Highway 54 & Yorktown), Andover, KS 67002 - Digital Billboard
1412 S. Santa Fe. (North face), (14th & Santa Fe), Chanute, KS 66720 - Digital Billboard
2501 E. Wyatt Earp Blvd. (East face), (Wyatt Earp Blvd & 113th Road), Dodge City, KS, 67801 - Digital Billboard
501 W. 10th St. (East face), (10th Street (US 56 -KS 96/156) & McKinley Street) Great Bend, KS 67530 - Digital Billboard
1330 E. 17th Street (East face), (17th Avenue & Lorraine St.) Hutchinson, KS, 67501, 67502, 67504, 67505 – Digital Billboard
3010 N. Plum Street (South face), (30th Avenue & Plum Street), Hutchinson, KS, 67501, 67502, 67504, 67505 – Digital Billboard
1101 N. Lorraine Street (East face) (11th Avenue & Lorraine St. & Highway 61), Hutchinson, KS, 67501, 67502, 67504, 67505 – Digital Billboard
30th Avenue & Lorraine Street, Hutchinson, KS, 67501, 67502, 67504, 67505 – Digital Billboard
14th and Broadway (South face), (KS-19, US-156 & US-56 Junction), Larned , KS 67550 - Digital Billboard
500 S. Kansas (North face), (Pancake & Kansas Street) Liberal, KS 67901, 67905 - Digital Billboard
4000 North Maize Road (North & South face), (Maize Rd. and 37th Street), Maize, KS 67101, 67205, 67223 – Digital Billboard
1100 W. Kansas (West face), (Kansas Rd. between Taft Street and Old US 81) McPherson, KS 67460 – Digital Billboard
108 W. Main St (East face), (777 Kansas Star Drive and Kansas Star Casino) Mulvane, KS 67110 – Digital Spectacular Billboard
N 12th Street (North & South face), (I-135 between 12th and East Old Trail Road/US-50) Newton, KS 67114, 67117 – Digital Billboard
South 24th Street (North & South face), (I-135 between 24th and 36th Street), Newton, KS 67114, 67117 – Digital Billboard
2001 N. Broadway (South face), (Broadway between 20th and 21st Street) Pittsburg KS 66762 – Digital Billboard
1657 N. Rock Rd. (North & South face), (between 13th and 21st Street & Bradley Fair Parkway), Wichita, KS – Digital Billboard
259 S. West Street & Maple Street (South face) (Towne West Square) Wichita, KS – Digital Billboard
3910 N. Broadway (West face), (between K-96 & Broadway) Wichita, KS – Digital Billboard
7979 W. Kellogg (West face) (west Kellogg US-400 and HWY 54), Wichita, KS– Digital Billboard
8220 E. Kellogg Drive (East face) (east Kellogg US 400 between Webb Road and Rock Road), Wichita, KS – Digital Billboard
3710 S. Seneca Street (West face) (just off Kellogg Avenue/US-400 between I-135 & I-235) Wichita, KS – Digital Billboard
5331 E. Kellogg (West face) (on east Kellogg US 400 between Oliver and Edgemoor), Wichita, KS - Digital Billboard
7201 E. Kellogg (East face) (on east Kellogg US 400 between Rock Road and Woodlawn), Wichita, KS - Digital Billboard
9045 E. Kellogg (West face) (on east Kellogg US 400 near the I-35 Turnpike on ramp), Wichita, KS - Digital Billboard

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Oklahoma Billboards:

319 Oklahoma Boulevard, (4th Street and Oklahoma Blvd. US-64), Alva, OK 73717 – Digital Billboard
102 E Central Boulevard (Central Blvd - US-8,US-62, US-9 and 1st Street - US 281, US-400) Anadarko, OK 73005 – Digital Billboard
4th Street and West Gary Boulevard (4th St. US-183 and Gary Blvd – I-40, State HWY 40) Clinton, OK 73601 – Digital Billboard
US-183 & Main Street (US-183, Glenn L. English Street and Main St. HWY 152), Cordell, OK 73632 – Digital Billboard
US-54 & Main Street (2nd Street, US-54 and Main Street, US-412) Guymon, OK 73942 – Digital Billboard
Sixth Street & Main Street, Henryetta, OK 74437 – Digital Billboard
Steve Owens Boulevard & Main Street (US-69 and Hwy 10), Miami, OK 74339, 74354, 74355 – Digital Billboard
Corner of US 60 & US 169 (Ash Street, Hwy 169 and Cherokee Ave, US-60) Nowata, OK 74048 – Digital Billboard
US-69 & 1st Street, (Mill Street, US-69 and 1st Street) Pryor, OK 74361, 74362 – Digital Billboard
US-51 Bypass and Choctaw Street, Tahlequah, OK 74464, 74465 – Digital Billboard
Davis Avenue and Washington Avenue, Weatherford, OK 73096 – Digital Billboard
3899 W. Oklahoma Avenue, (NW Highway US 183, US- 270 and Oklahoma Ave US 412), Woodward, OK 73801, 73802