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Make a memory

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Holiday greetings

Display your company’s holiday greetings on area digital billboards. Each impression is approximately $0.05 - that’s cheaper than printing and postage.

Celebrate personal events

Can’t find the right thing to say to a loved one? Celebrate an anniversary or birthday on area digital billboards. Displaying messages on a billboard is a great last minute gift. Order today, display your ad tomorrow. Wish mom and dad a happy anniversary on a digital billboard.

Let your birthday star shine on an Atomic digital billboard.

Show how proud you are of a loved one’s accomplishments.

Make a lasting impression on a special day. Atomic billboards are the largest yard signs in town!

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360 Impressions (once every four minutes for 24 hours) $39.95/day
720 Impressions (once every two minutes for 24 hours) $59.95/day
1,440 Impressions (once every minute for 24 hours) $99.95/day

Got a bright idea?

Display your bright idea on one of Atomic's digital billboards!