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First in outdoor industry to offer real-time bidding platform

Fliphound Mailer launches on Atomic’s Wichita network

Brandon Shuey and Douglas Robertson's new buying platform is called Fliphound LLC, and it gives advertisers the opportunity to bid on digital billboard ad space that isn’t contracted. Basically, Fliphound is an automated media-buying platform. The concept is similar to other online-bidding platforms, such as Google AdWords.

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Wichita displays ads as WSU heads to NCAA Final Four – April 3, 2013

WSU Shocker Ads

2012 Kansas Women of Distinction – September 2012

Dress for Success announced the publication of the tribute book and event for the 2012 Kansas Women of Distinction honorees. Atomic displayed KWOD messages on 15 digital billboards during the month of November. Congratulations to the 2012 inductees!

Kansas Women of Distinction Map

Wichita Eagle article - August 2012
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Brandon Shuey and Elizabeth Falk announce the merge of the independent digital billboard network.

Network launch press release – July 2012

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Spring breakers head to Wichitawesome – March 2012

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! pokes fun at Spring Breakers headed to not-so-popular destinations as Wichita, Kansas. In Jimmy’s skit he includes the Scotch & Sirloin steakhouse as one of the most popular attractions in the area. The Scotch & Sirloin girls and Sonny Glennon, owner of S & S, film a rebuttal that gets the attention of Jimmy Kimmel and staff. For the rebuttal’s finale, the famous S & S girls stood under the billboard that ran during the week of Spring Break. Jimmy Kimmel tweets Atomic’s orginal Twitter post!

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