Outdoor vs. TV

Reach a new live audience

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"Mom's rock, but are hard to reach with mothering activities diminishing media time." - 2011 Nielson Reports

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TV is now accessed through the web and Smartphones. The TV has become a modern-day computer.

Television was the dominant mass media in the 20th century. Cable TV now competes with local networks for morning and evening viewers. Consumers can conveniently access any news story by reading blogs or visiting various news websites.

Television's aging audience is less appealing to advertisers trying to reach the Y Generation. Commercials are fragmented on over 120 different channels. Production is costly and difficult to change.

With the release of new technologies such as the digital video recorder (DVR), rating systems have shifted to a three-screen analysis: TV screen, smartphone screen and computer screen. The compiled demographics from TV ratings are limited due to new advances in technology.


Reach a broad, diverse or specific audience.

Outdoor media reaches the “on the go” mom with strategic scheduling and creative advertisements.

LED technology allows an advertiser to display breaking news within a moment's notice.

Arbitron reports that people are spending less time watching TV because they are spending more time traveling to and from work.

The average American drives 54 minutes to work every day for a total of 302 miles per week.

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