What is L.E.D.?

Light Emitting Diodes

Atomic Bomb

These diodes are responsible for the revolutionary changes in outdoor media.

LED Light Diodes

Billboards are Evolving

With the public's attention span growing shorter, digital advertisements on LEDs allow businesses to target specific demographics with short, catchy messages. Billboards have been traditionally known as a standard out-of-home message displayed on a structure regarding information on a product or service. Today's billboards are transforming into digital canvases across the world.

The 21st century has marked a new era for advertising. The future of television, radio and print is unclear but out-of-home messaging continues to increase in shopping malls, busy interstates and sports arenas.

What is LED?

Digital billboards or LED structures are made up of Light Emitting Diodes (LED). Diodes resemble tiny Christmas lights that are perfectly aligned on a grid. Those grids are arranged in straight lines across a billboard face. Thousands of diodes make up the clever, current and dynamic messages on today's digital billboards. LEDs offer near-TV quality, color and resolution, which in turn guarantees advertisers will gain the attention of consumers.

Diodes emit a quality resolution. Images are recognizable and therefore guarantee a more successful campaign.

Light Diodes