Why digital?

To experience the next level of advertising

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Digital billboards are transforming the industry with immediate media. Create dialogue with a target market that is current and time sensitive. Advertisers can utilize RSS feeds to keep up-to-date scoreboards and social media updates.

Efficient Media

React to your audience's response. A target market will have the ability to interact with billboard advertisements. Messages can be quickly adapted with a quick change of artwork.

Innovative Media

LEDs are an exciting medium to customers and have modernized billboards for the current on-the-go consumer.

Powerful Media

Target your messages to specific areas, times or demographics.

Each market's LED units are placed in prime locations and are sure to stand out with creative and strategic advertisements.

LED units give marketers the ability to customize a digital program/schedule that accommodates multiple pieces of creative.

LEDs have a four-color, TV quality face to display advertisements to motorists.

Display breakfast specials in the morning, lunch specials in the afternoon and dinner specials in the evening.

Start a conversation with social media.

Discuss important issues, events or time-sensitive messages. Create anticipation with the use of a countdown.

Build live RSS/XML feeds to post up-to-date information.

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